The purpose of the Foundation's scientific committee is to provide support and advice requested by the Board and the executive committee in relation to the Foundation's purposes.

The members of the Scientific Committee of the FGA are:

Director of Zaragoza Museum
Sr. D. Isidro Aguilera

Professor of Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid
Sr. D. Valeriano Bozal Fernández

Art Historian and Head of the Movable Property Service of the DPZ​
Sr. D. José Ignacio Calvo Ruata

Professor of Romance Literatures at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)​
Sr. D. Helmut C. Jacobs

Professor of the Department of Art History of the University of Zaragoza​
Sr. D. Juan Carlos Lozano López

Ex-Head of Conservation of the 18th century of the Prado Museum​
Sra. Dña. Manuela B. Mena Marqués


Professor of Art History at the University of Barcelona​
Sr. D. Joan Sureda Pons

Director of Special Collections and Museums at the University of Delaware (USA)​
Sra. Dña. Janis A. Tomlinson