Francisco de Goya

Datos Generales
The Prado National Museum. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
35 x 15 cm
Técnica y soporte
Oil on canvas
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Documented work
El Prado National Museum
Ficha: realización/revisión
13 Dec 2009 / 19 Jan 2022

Sketch for the tapestry cartoon The Injured Mason.

This sketch was made by Goya in autumn 1786, to be shown to the king for his approval. This meeting probably took place on 1 May 1787, the date recorded for the payment of a carriage to take the artist to the palace of El Escorial so that he might show the king "the sketches for the dining-room piece for El Pardo".

The artist may have kept the sketch himself, which was later to appear in the collection of the Duke and Duchess of Osuna. However, it does not appear in the payment order of 1799 for the sketches made by Goya and sold to the Duke and Duchess a year earlier, and as such we can deduce that it may have been given as a gift at some undetermined subsequent date. In 1896, at the time of the bankruptcy of the ducal household, the executive bondholder board put the painting on sale and it was bought for the sum of 2,500 pesetas by Pedro Fernández Durán, who donated it to the Prado Museum in 1930, expressing his desire to have a room in the museum named after him.

Análisis artístico

This sketch has acquired its own reputation, quite separate from that of the finished work for which it served as a preparatory work, and the differences in intention that differentiate one work from the other are fundamental. For this reason, it is also referred to as a "first concept" rather than a sketch.

The piece is executed with quick, energetic brushstrokes. Particularly interesting is the fact that, even though this is a comical scene, blood stains appear on the shirt of the drunken man whilst in the finished cartoon they have disappeared, when it is then that the man is supposedly injured. It is clear that the change in the expressions was entirely intentional.


The work was restored and cleaned in 1993.

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