Francisco de Goya

El arzobispo Joaquín Company

El arzobispo Joaquín Company
Datos Generales
Ca. 1800
Lost work
212 x 130 cm
Técnica y soporte
Oil on canvas
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Attributed work
Obra desaparecida
Ficha: realización/revisión
10 Mar 2010 / 02 Feb 2023

This painting was in the chapterhouse of the Church of San Martín in Valencia and disappeared in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

Análisis artístico

Specialists disagree upon the authorship of this painting, with some claiming it to be the work of Agustín Esteve, as well as about its chronology and whether or not this work was executed before the one found in the Archbishop's Palace in Zaragoza (rec. no.), with which it shared many similarities but also a number of differences. These differences include the presence of the Cross of the Order of Charles III, which, together with certain omissions in the inscription, suggest that this portrait could have been a copy of the one in Zaragoza and that it could have been painted after Charles IV's abdication (1808) and maybe even after the death of the archbishop, in 1813.

The lack of documentation and good graphical references makes any stylistic commentary impossible.

there are two known studies of the character only of the bust (Museo Prado National Museum and Speed Arte Museum de Louisville) of problematic attribution.

For more biographical information, see portrait Joaquín Company.


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