Francisco de Goya

Datos Generales
Ca. 1788
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States
127 x 101,6 cm
Técnica y soporte
Oil on canvas
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Documented work
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ficha: realización/revisión
27 Jan 2010 / 14 Apr 2021
(NIG 49.7.41)

Signed Dn. Franco Goya ("Don Francisco de Goya", on the piece of paper held in the bird's beak).

El Sr.Dn. MANUEL OSORIO MANRRIQVE DE ZUÑIGA Sr. DE GINES NACIO EN ABR A 11 DE 1784 ("Señor Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga, Señor of Ginés, Born 11 April 1784", bottom of canvas).


First owned by the XIII Count of Altamira, who commissioned the work, this painting was sold in 1878 to a private collection. Later, between 1903 and 1925, it belonged to the Bernstein collection (Paris) and from 1925 to 1927 it was owned by Jules S. Bache, who donated it to the museum in 1949.

Análisis artístico

This painting belongs to the series of portraits that Goya made of the family of Vicente Joaquín Osorio Moscoso y Guzmán, XIII Count of Altamira, between 1785 and 1788.

Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zúñiga (1784-1792) was the second son of the Count of Altamira.

The full-length portrait shows the subject standing in a slightly rigid position and with an inexpressive posture. He is wearing a bold red suit, with a golden sash tied around his waist. With his right hand he holds a length of string tied to a magpie, which holds in its beak a small piece of paper bearing the painter's signature. At his feet, three cats hungrily watch the magpie whilst on the other side sits a cage containing more birds. All of these elements encourage an allegorical reading of the work, suggesting that it is perhaps a reflection on the fragile frontier that separates the world of childhood from the forces of evil or a commentary on the vulnerability of childish innocence.

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