Francisco de Goya

Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso, Count of Trastámara (Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso, conde de Trastámara)

Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso, Count of Trastámara (Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso, conde de Trastámara)
Datos Generales
Ca. 1786 - 1787
The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston, United States
135 x 110 cm
Técnica y soporte
Oil on canvas
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Documented work
The Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Ficha: realización/revisión
11 Feb 2010 / 14 Sep 2022

EL EXmo. Sr. Dn. VICENTE OSORIO CONDE DE TRASTAMARA DE EDAD DE DIEZ AÑOS / Goya ft. ("His Excellency Señor Don Vicente Osorio, Count of Trastárama, aged ten years, by Goya", bottom of canvas).


This work came from the collection of the Marquises of Castrillo, Madrid, later forming part of the collections of Fernández de Villavicencio (Madrid) and Charles S. Payson (New York). Since 2006, it's part of the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston collection.

Análisis artístico

This painting belongs to the series of portraits that Goya made of the family of Vicente Joaquín Osorio Moscoso y Guzmán, XI Count of Altamira, between 1785 and 1788.

Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso y Álvarez de Toledo (Madrid, 1777-1837) was the firstborn of the Count of Altamira.

At the time of this portrait he was ten years old, although he is dressed as though he were already an adult, with wig, dress coat, white shirt with frills, breeches, shoes with golden buckles and dress sword. His right hand is concealed inside his coat, whilst his left one rests on his right leg. He is looking straight out at the viewer with a penetrating and highly expressive gaze in his large eyes. His face is serious and his posture displays a certain shyness. A small dog is trying to get the boy's attention by jumping up onto his leg. The pale neutral background gradually grows darker towards the top of the painting.

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