Francisco de Goya

It Will Be the Same (Será lo mismo)

It Will Be the Same (Será lo mismo)
Datos Generales
Ca. 1810 - 1812
The Prado National Museum. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
159 x 222 mm
Técnica y soporte
Pen and sepia wash on laid paper
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Undisputed work
El Prado National Museum
Ficha: realización/revisión
01 Dec 2010 / 14 Apr 2021
(D. 3978)

45 (on the lower left-hand corner).


Véase Sad presentiments of what must come to pass.

This drawing, along with the set of preparatory drawing for the rest of the prints in this series, formed part of the Carderera Collection and was subsequently acquired by the Prado Museum where it is currently housed.

Harris does not include this drawing as a preparatory work for the print It Will Be the Same (Será lo mismo), but classifies it as a preparatory drawing for the series as a whole.

Análisis artístico

As in the case of another six preparatory drawings for the prints in the series the Disasters of War, Goya employs a wash technique. Perhaps these are sketches produced before the preparatory drawings, which would have been more precise and closer in design to the final prints.

The composition of the drawing is reversed in comparison with the final print. On one side are two standing figures corresponding with those carrying a body in the print. Next to them on the floor is a pile of corpses including one whose legs are splayed and whose head sinks into the depth of the composition.

Gassier casts doubt on the attribution of this work to Goya, claiming that the sketch features some details that are too clumsy to have been produced by Goya's hand. Moreover, there are some lines that were executed in red chalk, which may confirm that the composition was continued by another hand.

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