Francisco de Goya

Figure with chastity belts, notes of two figures and frog

Figure with chastity belts, notes of two figures and frog
Datos Generales
1797 - 1798
The Prado National Museum. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
207 x 147 mm
Técnica y soporte
Reconocimiento de la autoría de Goya
Documented work
El Prado National Museum
Ficha: realización/revisión
20 Aug 2021 / 09 May 2023

448 (pen on adhesive, top centre)

Identifying stamp of the Prado Museum (stamped, upper right)

Watermark: Guarro, letters "GVA [tower] RRO" (lower half)


By inheritance it passed in 1828 to Javier Goya, the painter's son, and in 1854 to Mariano Goya y Goicoechea, the artist's grandson. It was subsequently owned successively by Valentín Carderera (ca. 1861) and Mariano Carderera (ca. 1880). In 1886 it was acquired from Mariano Carderera by the Directorate General of Public Instruction and was assigned to the Prado Museum, where it is now located. 

Análisis artístico

See Woman / Snake

This drawing, located on the reverse of Student / Frog, uses the same frog and mirror as on the obverse, although logically in inverted position, taking advantage of the ink transfer. The figure of the student is replaced by an almost naked figure of undefined sex wearing a high chastity belt with padlocks and chains. The drawing is confusing, and it is difficult to be sure what Goya wanted to symbolise. Gassier suggests a forced chastity.

Like the other drawings in the series, this one is also mainly in pen and is characterised by its masterly, modern abbreviated technique.

Separate from the Magic Mirror series, although related to it, there is another drawing in which the protagonists are two giant humanised frogs: Human Frogs Embracing.

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